Moto Shine®


     Moto-Shine® gives you a “Show Bike Shine in Half the Time.” Formulated with our exclusive formula, Moto-Shine® brings an instant brilliant shine to your motorcycle.  Moto-Shine® lightly cleans, removes harmful contaminants, helps protect against UV rays, brings an instant brilliant shine to your vehicle and saves cleaning time, so you can have more riding time. Moto-Shine® protects your motorcycle against acid rain, oxidation and pollutants. Time conscious bike owners can restore that “just waxed” appearance in five minutes.  Bike finishes that have a light dust layer or that have been through a rain storm, can be safely cleaned and shined with Moto-Shine's® gentle exclusive formula. For all paint finishes, for all chrome finishes, just spray and wipe. What can be easier! Made in the U.S.A.

Stock Number: MC25000

Size: Net 32 FL. OZ. (1 Qt) (946ML)

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