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Bike Brite's FAQ's


Q: What is a Temporary Transportation Coating? (Moto-Mask® ON)

A: A temporary transportation coating, such as Moto-Mask® ON, protects delicate paints, parts and highly polished surfaces while in transit as they are exposed to road debris, grit, and abrasive particles. It is easily applied and removed. It is durable enough to last through conditions of rain, mud and grit, yet will not damage, harm, or permanently distort any smooth hard surface that it is applied to.

Q: How can I remove the Moto-Mask® film?

A: Moto-Mask® "OFF" has been specially formulated for this. It quickly dissolves and breaks up the tough film allowing you to simply wipe away the residue with a cloth. For best results use a micro-fiber cloth as these cloths are highly absorbent and will allow you easy removal. The Moto-mask OFF formulation also polishes and shines much like a wax. For a very high shine, re-apply the OFF by misting the product on the surface. Wipe away to a haze and let dry. Simply buff the dry haze to a brilliant finish.

Q: What is Moto-Mask used on? (Moto-Mask® ON)

A: Moto-Mask® ON is only used on smooth, hard, and polished surfaces such as paint & chrome. It is not to be used on leather, fabric, rubber, or vinyl.

Q: Is Moto-Mask® invisible? (Moto-Mask® ON)

A: Moto-Mask® "ON" is not invisible, though you can hardly notices it. It is formulated to allow the bike owner to see that it is present on the surface when you closely inspect the paint. It provides a slight “mottled” or “alligator skin” appearance on the paint. This is an easy reminder that it needs to be removed at the end of the ride.

Q: Can Moto-Mask® be applied several times? (Moto-Mask® ON)

A: Moto-Mask® "ON" can be applied in several coats to build up a tougher "skin" if needed. Simply use like you would any spray on coating.

Q: Has Moto-Mask® been laboratory and field tested?

A: Moto-Mask® has been laboratory and field tested against light road abrasion typically seen during high-speed touring. It is not meant to protect paint against large flying rocks, pebbles, or larger objects that may impact the surface while at higher speeds.

Q: Is Moto-Mask® durable?

A: Moto-Mask® is durable enough to last through rainstorms. The coating may “blush” somewhat as the film absorbs some water, but it quickly dries to return to a tough film.

Q: Can Moto-Mask® ON be used as a quick Detailer? (Moto-Mask® OFF)

A: Moto-Mask® "OFF" can also be used as a quick Detailer to polish all surfaces and apply a glistening shine at any time.


Q: How does MMWRC work?

A: Water beads will not form on any surface that the coating has been applied to. The coating causes the water beads to spread out, absorbing them into the surface of the invisible film. The water is still there, just spread out onto the surface in an even film that you can see through. Note: You may notice the coating not sheeting immediately, that is simply the coating trying to absorb more water before the water film evens out.

Q: Can MMWRC be applied to a dry or wet windscreen?

A: MMWRC can be applied to a dry or wet windscreen.

Q: Can MMWRC damage any surface?

A: MMWRC can never damage any surface and can easily be applied with just about anything. (e.g. rag, paper towel, old cloth, even newspaper) If any smudging occurs as a result of an “over application” just wipe with a damp towel.

Q: Will smudges occur?

A: You may observe a few smudges on newer windscreens after applications. Simply wipe with a damp rag. The smudging is because the sheeting components can’t penetrate into the surface of the plastic.

Q: How long will MMWRC last?

A: The older that a windscreen is (the more road miles it has seen), the longer MMWRC will last on the surface of the plastic. Usually the coating will last through a steady rain and typical road mist before needing to be reapplied.

Q: What is a “new” windscreen versus an older one?

A: Older windscreens with some road miles on them have seen some dust & grit abrasion on the surface. As a result, the surface is more porous and will "grab" onto to the molecules of the coating better. The molecules will settle into the pores, nooks & crannies. They won’t smudge and last longer.

Q: Can MMWRC be applied to goggles and masks?

A: MMWRC can also be applied to goggles and masks to maintain clarity in the rain.

Q: Can MMWRC be applied to mirror surfaces?

A: MMWRC can also be applied to mirror surfaces to prevent water beads from obstructing the riders view.

Q: Can MMWRC be applied to paint to prevent water spotting?

A: MMWRC can also be applied to paint to prevent water spotting while riding in the rain.


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