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Bike Brite president Joe Coviello to greet retailers at Dealer Expo
Publish Date: 
 Nov 25, 2014 from dealernews.com

MENTOR, Ohio - Bike Brite announces that founder and President Joe Coviello will be at the company's booth during the upcoming Dealer Expo, Dec. 5-7 in Chicago, and will be helping to demo Bike Brite's latest product, Moto Mask for windscreens.

"In the realm of cleaning and maintenance supplies in the motorcycle industry, there is no better or more qualified person to present and answer questions on the subject than Mr. Coviello," the company said.

Moto Mask for windscreens is specially formulated for motorcycles.It makes beads of water disappear and helps improve vision in rain, drizzle or under misting conditions, according to the company. It reportedly is safe for windshields made of Plexiglas, Lexan, polycarbonates, or acrylics.

Here's some information on the history of the Bike Brite brand, courtesy of the company and PR representative Pro Riders Marketing:

Bike Brite was founded to solve the universal rider's dilemma: If it's nice enough to clean the bike, it's nice enough to ride. So how do you keep your bike looking great and still get in all the riding time you can? Joe Coviello, a lifelong motorcyclist, couldn't find an answer. So he invented his own.

That was 1992, and Joe was two years out of college when he teamed up with Blue Coral®, the world's largest car wax and polish maker. For eight years Joe ran the day-to-day operations, selling care products out of the back of his car, promoting the product line to every dealer in America, with the primary focus on the hometown Cleveland market.

Bike Brite hits the road with riders. In 1993, Joe purchased a 16 ft.Timberwolf trailer and made the rounds of the motorcycle show circuit, promoting the four products in the line. He set up booths at Daytona, Sturgis, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, Americade, Laughlin, the Easyrider Rodeos, the J & P Cycle events and countless other rallies across the country. Joe was on the road showing riders the Bike Brite difference 30-plus weeks out of the year.

Joe believed if enough riders were asking for Bike Brite Products, and dealers were stocking it, a major distributor would pick up the line for worldwide sales. By 1995 Joe's grassroots campaign paid off. Bike Brite made its first distributor sale to the world's largest aftermarket parts and accessory distributors: Drag Specialties, Parts Unlimited and Custom Chrome. Soon after, Harley-Davidson Inc. picked up Bike Brite Blue Buster Kits, selling them worldwide. By 1996, the business had grown so large that Joe had to hire a crew to take charge of the rally schedule so he could focus on day-to-day operations.

Bike Brite declares its independence. In 1998, Blue Coral announced it was being sold to Quaker State and most likely would be moving operations to Texas from Bike Brite's hometown, Cleveland. Blue Coral also began breaking up its divisions and, in fact, was later sold to Pennzoil.

Joe had been committed to Bike Brite and its customers for too long to let it "ride into the sunset." He knew he had unique products riders wanted, and he believed he could bring them even more. So Joe and a group of investors purchased the Bike Brite division and four product formulations from Blue Coral. He moved the operations to a rented warehouse and office in suburban Cleveland and kept working towards his dream.

In 2004, Bike Brite purchased its own building in Mentor,  where it currently maintains full operations and corporate offices.

Today Bike Brite makes more than 22 different products and has 3 patent pending products, 15 trademarked names and more than 34 product configurations in its line. Bike Brite products have been used on millions of bikes across four continents, including North America, Europe, Australia and South and Central America. Bike Brite is sold by five major distributors and an estimated 12,000 dealers and bike shops and 12 major online retailers.

"I'll never forget where it all started," says Joe. "Talking to riders at bike rallies helped me develop the products they needed and wanted." Today, you can still see Joe at several major motorcycle expositions and distributor expos a year. While busy operations have made the 30-week bike rally circuit a thing of the past, Joe doesn't rules out future road trips. "I'd love to just show up and start giving away products to the riders that helped support Bike Brite over the years."

Why do Bike Brite products outperform the rest? "We research the finishes and materials used on today's motorcycles," says Joe. "And, we're riders ourselves, which makes us road grime experts, I guess. That's how we've been able to formulate products that are easy to use, work fast and deliver show-quality results every time. 

"We invest in ingredients that are non-corrosive, pH balanced, non-acidic, VOC compliant and often biodegradable. We do much of our own testing at our own facility and often use third-party labs to help support our research and development. We spend a lot of money on R&D before a product is placed in the market. We have developed some really unusual formulas that are not "me too" products. They are strictly formulated for motorcycles in mind and complete a particular task for cleaning and protecting a motorcycle."

Bike Brite products are American-made and include a moneyback guarantee, according to the company.

For more information about Dealer Expo, visit www.dealerexpo.com



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